Shijingshan launched an unintelive traffic inspection and persuasion takeaway vehicles with an "ID card"

People’s Network Beijing September 14, September 14 . At the same time, organize the US group and hungry. Two takeaway platforms are blended with the subordinates to promote reflective logo, establish a sense of rider safety responsibility, and play a promotional role.

It is understood that Shijingshan District is establishing a management mechanism for the "one person and one car code" of the takeaway vehicle. Through the "unified code, the human car corresponds to" fixed collection of take-out delivery staff traffic violations, comprehensively conduct inspection law enforcement. In addition to the actual situation of the illegal traffic behavior of the takeaway delivery, in addition to strengthening the on-site law enforcement management, it will also strengthen non-on-site forensics. For transportation violations that are not convenient to intercept punishment, transportation detachment police, and co-administrators can use mobile law enforcement Terminal, mobile phone camera fixed vehicle coding, illegal facts; traffic detachment collects fixed take-out vehicle traffic illegal information by TV monitoring system, co-administrator pavement inspection, collecting fixed take-out vehicles traffic illegal information; District Market Supervision Bureau law enforcement, district urban management law enforcement bureaus and various streets Inspection law enforcement personnel can also use mobile phone to shoot, photo forensics, etc. Invited the takeaway enterprise, which has been trained afterwards, implementing education management and rewards and punishment measures, forming a closed-loop management. "Individually taken off the restaurant is not only civilized and the illegal traffic is not only harms the security of other traffic participants, but also lowers the city’s civilization, causing a large number of people to complain through 12345 hotline." Shi Jingshan District Traffic Detachment related person in charge Introduction, for this high-frequency difficulty problem, it is accurate, Shijingshan District police enterprises link, the political and enterprise jointly established the "source tube, pavement, post-chasing" civilized traffic closed-loop management work mechanism, through management, manage traffic violations The most prominent takeaway delivery vehicle, severely crack down on individual illegal traffic, and also for other traffic participants treadmock, standby, and create a civilized or unconventional city traffic environment. After the event, the relevant take-course platform expressed the establishment of long-term mechanisms with Shijingshan District, further standardizing the traffic line of the outside selling rider, and gave criticism, restriction orders, and participated in civilized transportation volunteers. , Severe cases will lose rider qualifications. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

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