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For a long time, no response, please refresh this page Author: Deng Zhi (Shanghai Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Ideological Research Center Researcher, Researcher, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences), "Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on strengthening new era The opinion of the work is officially released, and it is clearly proposed to promote the elderly residential and old-age transformation, and build an elderly livable environment.

However, the practice of the old-age transformation of the old in my country is still in the infancy, and all localities need to combine national requirements and self-actual, improve the supporting policies and regulations, and promote high-quality adhesive transformation. The work is generally in the starting stage in the beginning of 2020, my country has more than 60 years old, and it is expected to exceed 30% before the 2035. In recent years, in order to actively address the aging of the population, the old-age transformation work of the old communities across the local communities has achieved a lot of results, but it is only in the infancy.

  First, the demand for the old age is strong, and there is a huge increase in the market.

As a key to building an old-age friendly society, these years have attached great importance to the old-age transformation of the old community, especially the old-fashioned project, the old-age development project, "90% home pension, 7% community pension, Under the requirements of the pension pattern of 3% institutional pension, the demand for home adaptation is very large. In contrast, in-house public areas, such as adding elevators, leaving ground non-slip, entrance and exit access, such as vehicles, such as vehicle shunt transformation, installing rest seat, etc., and adapt to digital society Internet applications Aging and barrier-free renovation, so that the adverse agenda has changed the potential market size of 10 trillion levels, and the market size of the old age is still huge. Second, the relationship between adhesion is complex, and the balance of interest is large.

The old community’s adheration and the unobstructed environmental construction involves a lot of interest, the corresponding policy regulations are lacking, and the implementation is difficult to implement.

Taking the old community installed elevator as an example, although the installed elevator is welcomed by most households, especially the old residential communities that live in the old people, they have greatly improved their old people, and even substantially enhance the value of housing, but implementation is not Easy. The most critical reason is that the interests of the first and second floor households may be damaged.

To this end, some places even in a mandatory to promote the installation elevator, and participate in the voting of more than three-quarters of the owners and participate in the number of votes of more than three-story owners, that is, the elevator can be installed, but also Plus the pre-condition is "there is no responsibility against", and the difficulty is still not small.

Therefore, in the residential public area and community environment, the effective supporting policy is introduced to balance the interests of all parties.

  The third is that the old age is transformed into a single, and social participation is urgent. The investment in the residential environment is huge. According to market experience, the government purchase service is approximately 10% to 20%.

However, at present, the old-age transformation of the old communities in my country is mainly based on the single investment of public finances. It is subject to the market development. It is not possible to meet the huge demand for adolescent transformation. Even some market service providers are just watching the government subsidies. The subsidy is involved. Overall, social capital participation in adolescealization is relatively limited, and the market playing the decisive role in the market is far from being formed. The fourth is the shortcomings of the standardization of the agendicization, and the unified market is difficult to form.

The huge appeal of the old-aged market is subject to the huge appeal of the potential oversized market, and the promotion and guidance of local governments and actively promotes some overall plan to solve the enterprise, and some of the majority of the old-age transformation industry chain. Enterprise.

However, due to lack of unified national standard, labeling, mandatory standards, local and local and even enterprises and enterprises can not be compatible with universal, product service quality is uneven, and adapted to "one standard" and even "one The poor trend of a label is that the national unified market is difficult to form, the scale effect of the oversized market is difficult to play, the speed and quality of the old-age transformation is difficult to improve.

  The appropriate age-based modification of the old-age transformation of the old-age transformation is a systematic engineering that is large, the balance of interest, the balance of interest, and the specific standards, and standardized standards. It is necessary to use system thinking, strengthen the overall and accuracy of policy supply, and go out of an appropriate and negative development with Chinese characteristics. Pay attention to the demand for the elderly, and make the old-age transformation "psychological barrier". It is necessary to promote the old-age transformation and access to the old community, the key is to enhance the ideological understanding of the adoption of the old-age transformation, and realize the renovation of the agendicization, especially the advent of the home, and "psychological barriers". To make a multi-channel, all-round propaganda guides the policy and value of the home-friendly and renovation of the home, transform the cognition of the old man, the child and the society; The aging transforming the model room, strengthens intuitive feelings, transforms the traditional concept of the elderly, and let the old people gradually form "for pension services", and children pay more attention to the social awareness of parental home pension environment, and improve the subjective initiative of the old-age transformation.

  Coordinate the resources of all parties and activate the multivariate power of adhesive modifications. Actively play the leading role of the government in the old residential age, effectively integrate civil affairs, finance, health and wipery and other departmental policies, promote information exchange, and coordinate all kinds of resources, and effectively promote adism. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in the old-age modification of the old community, mobilizing the society is widely involved, forming the stakeholders such as the elderly, children, bank insurance companies and public welfare charity organizations, and the social forces such as the charity, such as Shanghai " The government subsidy is a little, the company is profitted, the old man pays a little "Jiangyin Street No. 72" model, and then in Beijing to promote the admission of the public area fitness equipment, the admission of the public regional fitness equipment is supported by the sports public welfare fund; encourage decoration, housekeeping service , Property and other related fields expand the old-age transformation business, forming a multi-main responsibility to share the situation of people’s participation, such as Jiangsu Changshu Property Company Promoting "Property + Pension" service, the content is also available Cuisine, home political, nursing and adaptation. Balance the principal interest, and the local system should be promoted. The main body of the family is suitable for the main body of the family, and the implementation of the old-age, the old, old-necked residential public areas and community environment should be implemented, according to local conditions, depending on economic income, social and cultural customs, life preferences, etc., promote the formation of national requirements And reflect the resolution and standardization of local characteristics, balance and participate in the interests of the parties and the resolution.

  The standard specification of the completion, improve the quality and efficiency of adhesion to adherence. At the national level, the industry standards and mandatory standards for adhering, promote the standardization and standardization of adverse modification.

At the local level, it is necessary to combine the local actual and negative modification standards, and play a key role in the renovation of the family. Such as Shanghai exploration forms more than 60 more than 7 daily life scenes such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom. The product is selected for the elderly, and the "Norms of the Search of the Surrigage of the Senior Person ‘s Advances" issued by the Seniors in Jiaixing Xiuzhou District, Zhejiang Province has become a local standard norm of home adaptation; introducing new urban, new residential areas, old urban and completed residential area supporting pension services The facility setting standards, promoting full coverage of pension facilities, such as the issuing policy regulations, requiring new urban residential areas to build community pension services in accordance with specific standards.

  "Guangming Daily" (December 14, 202).

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