Zhongnan Mountain talks to variants: establishing immune barrier is imminent

When the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhongnan Mountain said in an interview with reporters on the 25th that the Guangzhou epidemic is the first time to respond to the community spread brought by the new crown discovered in India. At present, it has achieved phased achievements, but other regions need to be advanced. Do a good job.

From this epidemic, Delta poison strains have a strong infectivity, and an immunization barrier is urgent.

Guangzhou anti-strike epidemic has obtained the staged grades Zhongnan Mountain said that from June 19th to June 24, Guangzhou has no new domestic infected people for 6 consecutive days, and this round of epidemic. The city has accumulated 153 cases of infected people.

At present, the epidemic has been effectively controlled.

He believes that this Guangdong has several effective practices in response to the epidemic. The first is to find out the spread chain soon.

On May 21st, Guangdong Province, the Guangzhou City, the China Disease control department conducted a timely and high-quality epidemiological investigation. At present, 153 cases in Guangzhou have sequencing the gene sequence of viruses, and the results show that the virus homology and the spread chain are clear. These work is the discrimination, development trend of the relevant departments, and propose control measures to provide clear data support. In addition, Guangdong strengthened the management of advice. "This time due to the high volume of virus, the contaginity is characterized, therefore, as long as the patient will be in the same space 4 days before the onset, the same unit, the same building is considered close contact.

Due to the change of the understanding, different regions of the key crowd have been closed and seal different management models. "Zhongnan Mountain said.

Zhongnan Mountain said that in this epidemic, Guangzhou passed the big data tracking, as long as the key area, people who have contacted key people have been given yellow code, and the practice is more accurate.

In addition, the various districts also increase the nucleic acid detection frequency of the green code person according to the actual risk of local prevention and control. Zhongnan Mountain said that some places in some places in the world have reported that the new crown virus passes people to animals, and then infected by animals to people.

The agricultural department did more than 30 mice nucleic acid detection in key areas, and the results were negative. At present, domestic cats and dogs are being tested, and it can be done in July.

"These new methods, innovative, more targeted patterns, so that we have controlled the epidemic.

"Zhongnan Mountain said," From the epidemic from June 24, the epidemic has not passed to the province. "Delta poisonous strains have contagious and other characteristics Bell Nanshan, from the global perspective, Delta poison strains are becoming a major threat, from the UK, Russia, Singapore and the US recent epidemic development, infected Delta strain The number of people rapidly rises. Zhongnan Mountain said that since the epidemic of the new crown, the propagation law and communication characteristics of Del Tower strains in the community, there is not much detailed report. Guangzhou epidemic is my country’s first response to this strain Community communication, other provinces in the country also need to prepare in advance, and Guangzhou’s experience will help. From this epidemic, Delta poison strains have several characteristics: First, the viral load is high.

Once the body infects Delta strains, the viral load in the body is higher than the previous plants.

Medical usually use CT values ??to measure the viral load, the lower the CT value, the higher the viral load.

This observed cases of the CT value of the infection have more cases.

Second, the incubation period is short. When the Wuhan epidemic last year, the incubation period in the human body was about 3 to 7 days, and this time is about 1 to 3 days.

Although there are also individual latency long, it is generally low, most of 2 to 3 days, and even some in 24 hours. Third, the nucleic acid has a long time.

Patients infected with ordinary virus strains, after treatment 7 to 9 days after treatment, the nucleic acid detection was negative, but in more than 100 patients in Guangdong, the average transfer time was 13 to 15 days, almost doubled.

Therefore, in the same time period after the epidemic, the patient discharged is less than before. "Delta strain is high in viral load, short incubation, resulting in strong infectivity, doubled than ordinary virus strains.

"Zhongnan Mountain said. Establish immunization barrier is immunized in the imperial southern mountain, now the world is facing the Del Tower strain, which will further impair the global economic development.

On the one hand, the epidemic prevention and control should be done, on the other hand, the economy should continue to develop, and the two must have a highly balanced art.

Zhongnan Mountain said, to establish a new balance, in addition to strictly abide by the measures of the group control, it is necessary to promote vaccine injection and build a population of immune barriers. From Israel, the United States, the UK’s results, the infection rate after vaccination is significantly reduced, so the immunization barrier is urgent.

Zhong Nanshan said that from the laboratory results, the vaccine has declined in the neutralization of variants, but still protects.

From the preliminary analysis of more than 100 patients in Guangdong, there is a certain effect after vaccination is developed into pneumonia and development as a critical incidence.

"These data is not necessarily considerable, because the amount of data is not much, but the problem is illustrated, regardless of the observation of the laboratory and the real world observation, China’s domestic vaccine is still effective, everyone should play. "Zhongnan Mountain said. According to the data released by the National Health Committee, as of June 24, 2021, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps accumulated the new crown virus vaccine.

"If the protection rate of the vaccine is about 70%, our country needs 80% or more vaccination, and it is possible to establish an immune barrier, so we need to strengthen vaccination.

"Zhongnan Mountain said.

(Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai Shi).

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