"Embroidery Soft Fu" draws high-quality life new map scene, two Huimin "small park" National Day officially opened

Feel the urban rhythm of the Yanshan standing, enjoy the parent-child time in the ribbon park … With the Yanshan Yanshang Line Park, the "Star Sky Paradise" in the Children’s Activity Zone in the Milled Park is open, this National Day holidayThe fashion trend is transmitted to the green healthy living concept, adding two casual entertainment and playing in the public to play cards.Here, the public can make quick fitness, play the viewing, lived, and live more fashion, the masses have a happy sense.There are both scooters, badminton, table tennis, street basketball courts, etc., and civilian cultural facilities such as city bookstore, performance stagpes … As the Lixia area, it is focused on ecological Jinan, dressing the garden city, and improves the residents’ casual fitness.The environment, enriching the multi-functional quality space of the residents’ cultural life, the low-line park is open, and it has been widely concerned by the public, and has become one of the first choice for the resident tourists during this National Day holiday.

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