"Innovation Development Capital Energy" Hebei Province Private Enterprise Topics Training Course held in Shenzhen

He said that entrepreneurs ‘landscape, the eyes determines the realm of enterprises, and entrepreneurs’ learning ability is related to the development speed and life and death of the company.

I hope that entrepreneurs will cherish learning opportunities, improve their political stations, learn more knowledge, master more information, continuously emancipate their minds, advanced, find gaps, and constantly improve their self, and stronger enterprises to serve society.

After the opening office, the general manager of the National Energy Group will conduct a special teaching on the "Company Listing Practice", and the company is listed, how to list, and share the Chinese Shenhua case.

Training also arranged "Huawei Strategy and Executive Practice" "Enterprise Equity Incentive Mechanism and Case" "Enterprise Listing Path Planning and Top Design" "Before the Key Financial Issues, Tax Planning and Problem Treatment" "" And investment on gambling protocol trap prevention "and other special courses.

It is reported that this training uses the combination of "theoretical interpretation + case analysis + interactive discussion", closely combined with market hotspots, regulatory policies, and practical cases, and its content is closely related to corporate and capital markets, and capital operations commonly used by the enterprise. The actual operation issues involved in tools, methods, ideas, etc. are teaching.

At the same time, training courses focus on strengthening exchanges with benchmark companies, regulators, financial institutions, and students, also organized BYD, and on-site teaching for BYD, and on-site teaching in Friend, Shenzhen, Shenzhen. (SME, SME Development and Promotion Center, SME Development and Promotion Center, Hebei Province, SMEs) (Editor: Li Zhe, Shi Jianzhong).

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