Sincere Friendly Unity and Cooperation (International Forum)

This year is the 50th anniversary of Rwanda and China. In the past 50 years, the two countries have always been friendly and united.

Just as Chairman Xi Jinping pointed out, "Zhonglu Youyi is a hill" "Zhong Lu friend is a medium-sided friendly epitome".

Compared with half a century, China and Rwanda have turned tomorrow.

More than 40 years, China’s economic development is rapidly, in the field of poverty reduction and promoting human development, and billion rural poor people get rid of poverty, which not only encourages African countries, but also contributes to global development.

China has become the world’s second largest economy, the manufacturing industry’s largest country and the first major cargo trade country. Rwanda has also made great achievements in promoting economic growth, poverty reduction, public safety, etc. By increasing agricultural income, expanding non-agricultural employment opportunities and effective social security plans, increasing infrastructure, developing public services, and more and more Rwandans benefit from national development progress, and living conditions have also been improved. According to statistics, 1 million Rowda people have got rid of poverty.

Rwanda has a similar way of development with China. We are all based on the actual development and cultural traditions of the country, and the development model of copying and moving other countries is strengthening cooperation with other countries, and the independence and national sovereignty are resolutely maintained.

In the past 50 years, Luzhong relations have continued to heat up. In July 2018, President Xi Jinping conducted a three-sided cooperation agreement against Rwanda, and the President Paul Kaima signed a dozen bilateral cooperation agreements. These agreements aimed to strengthen both parties in infrastructure, e-commerce, human resources development, civil aviation transportation, and total Create cooperation in "a belt all the way".

This visit further consolidated the relationship between the two countries and enabled Luzhong Relations to achieve new development.

I think that the reason why Lu Zhong’s two countries can maintain such a close relationship is in Chinese understanding and supporting national development vision and development efforts in Rwanda, and helps us in key areas. Pepper, tea and coffee, etc. Rwanda quality specialty agricultural products, found valuable market opportunities in China, which is favored by more and more Chinese friends. The Rwandan government strives to build a good business environment through reforms and attract foreign investors. In the World Bank’s "2020 Agent Environmental Report", Rwandan ranked East Africa, the second, African second, 38th in the world. The peace and stable environment of Rwanda provides valuable opportunities for many companies in China. In the fields of Rwanda’s telecommunications and manufacturing, we are happy to see more and more Chinese investors.

Using Rwanda’s location advantages, Chinese companies can enter the East African Community market, and the Southeast African Faculty Market, the Middle African National Economic Community Market, etc.

Today, China is moving towards the second hundred years of struggle to build a socialist modern power, Rwanda is also actively committed to implementing the "2050 Vision" development plan, and strives to achieve Rwanda’s economic growth, the country is prosperous, and the people are happy. The friendly cooperation between Luzhong two countries has a broader space. Just as Paul Kaga said at the 2nd China-African Economic and Trade Expo, "We have a firm will, further deepen the relationship between the two countries in the next half century." I firmly believe that in the next 50 years, Lu China cooperation will be more close, better to make two peoples of the two countries. (The author is the ambassador of Rwanda in China).

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