[Welcome to the 11th Party Congress of the province] The family is signing the contract is not difficult.

  "Uncle Li, recently the body state is still?" September 27, Dr. Li Huin, the center of Mudhe Town, Huainan City, came to the big tree plum village with drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, 71 years old. Li Jingliang examines the body, guiding medication, and tailor the treatment plan for the old man.

Since the launch of the family doctor’s signing service, the Mudhe Town Center Health Center has opened the "Private Customization" service of the family doctor in accordance with the "Family Signing, Classification Management, Hierarchy Service" model.

  In recent years, Huainan City has focused on people’s health, from medical and health system reform, basic public health services, etc., improve the medical environment, improve public health care system, and support the "protective umbrella" for the masses, and enhance the acquisition of the masses. Sense and happiness. "Patient, male, 58 years old, 2 years after lung cancer, cough, cough, 1 day, have been uploaded by DR chest, please give consultation." Recently, the consultation doctor in Datong Street Community Health Service Center A WeChat issued in the Datong District Medical Film Imaging Cooperation.

After 15 minutes, the community health service center printed directly printed out image diagnostic report: "After the right lung cancer, the right lung underflammation performance, a small amount of effusion, anti-inflammatory treatment after treatment," into the Xiejiaji District Tangshan Town The village satellite room, clean and bright room, clean and hygienic environment, not only let the grassroots medical staff serve the masses, but also provide a great convenience to the masses. It is understood that Huainan City passed the implementation of the primary medical and health institutions to standardize the people’s livelihood projects, and the community health service center is equipped with advanced DR, color ultrasound, so that grassroots medical services have been fully improved.

Since this year, Huainan City medical, health class has a total of 20 million yuan in construction and planning more than 5 million yuan, with a total investment of about 100 million yuan. "The construction of the standardized village-level health room, making the village-level health room more standardized, personnel strength and service projects have also have a double increase.

According to the relevant person in charge of Huainan Municipal Health Committee, Huainan City has completed 140 community health service agencies and villages’ standardization construction. It is convenient for the villagers to seek medical treatment at home, and achieve residents to prevent disease, promote health, small diseases Not in the wish of the village.

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