Remember | famous female photographer Shen Ying died

Party members, director of the Communist Party of China, the first executive director of the Chinese Female Photographic Association, the chairman of the Hebei Female Photographic Association, Shen Ying, a lifelong honorary chairman of Hebei Female Photographic Association, is invalid for illness, in August 2020 On the 12th, he died in Luzhou, Hebei, and the year was 88 years old.

Shen Ying, born in Chengdu in Sichuan in 1933, voluntarily participated in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the Niki Eleven Military Works Group, 1950, in 1958, transferred in 1958, served as the Cangzhou Group Coach, Haihe Literature and Art Generals Captain Waiting for the position, in 1974, Zhangzhou District Propaganda Department was working, and the senior general, responsible for the foreign publicity, retired in 1989. In 1988, Shen Ying took the first female photography organization in the country – Hebei Female Photographer Association and served as Chairman.

Comrade Shen Ying did not drop out the camera to live in the hand, serve the people, and made a significant achievement in photography, and made a prominent contribution to the foreign publicity.

Founded the "Zhangzhou News" picture, organized a large number of large-scale photography exhibitions, and opened the way for Zhangzhou reform.

Its photography is selected for the 14th, 15th, and the 17th National Photography Art Exhibition. More than 500 (times) were adopted by the central newspapers and were selected to the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, North Korea, Belgium and other international The film show is exhibited.

Comrade Shen Ying is more than 100 in China’s Female Photographic Association and China Photographers Association.

Because of its outstanding work, 1992 was awarded "Golden Candle Award" by China Photographers Association. Two times were rated as "talented talents" by the Zhangzhou Land, and he was rated as "excellent intellectual", "excellent Communist Party", won the title of "Hebei Sanqiu Red Flag" and "Hebei Province Excellent Photographers" And was awarded "Special Contribution Award".

Comrade Shen Ying loves the motherland, loyalty to the party, serving the people, going to do things, clearing and white, explains the excellent character of a communist.

She is diligent, forgetting the dedication of my work, hard and simple, diligent and savvy style, for the people, the loyal and sincere reign, always the example of our study.

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