The peak forest farm held the "National Civilized Unit" unveiling ceremony

"National Civilization Unit" officially unveiled. People’s Daily Nian Wang Gong Xiaoyin People’s Network Nanning November 12th (Wang Gongxiao) On November 12, Guangxi State-owned peak forest farm held a "national civilized unit" unveiling ceremony. The relevant leaders of the Director of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the relevant leaders of the Autonomous Region Forestry Administration, the leaders of the peak forest scene leaders, the deputy leading cadres, the deputy department level or above, and some grassroots unit employee representatives participate in the unveiling ceremony.

It is reported that since the national civilized unit has increased, the economic operation of the peak forest field has increased, the quality of the income of the forest park has been significantly improved. The construction operation of the forest park has led the development, the land development and utilization is obvious, "a product" construction results show, people’s livelihood and Cultural construction is continuously improved, party building promotes production, the party’s construction is remarkable, and the spirit of the whole cadres and workers are new, and the homagence and happiness of the staff are constantly enhanced.

According to reports, "National Civilization Unit" was officially unveiled, the peak forest farm will focus on three work: First, it is committed to highlighting the peak social responsibility.

Summarizing the experience and practices, continuously enlargement of the "National Civilized Unit" brand effect, in the construction of the spiritual civilization, in the top of the topic, provide exchange learning for all walks of life, all units, and strive to improve service awareness and service quality, for society Contributing peak power.

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