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Original title: Red Boat Slim Waves Spiritual Heart "The Chinese Revolution has sailed from here, and it reflects the first spirit of opening the sky. The birth of the Chinese Communist Party will make the Chinese revolution have been clear and powerful. Spiritual power … "Yesterday afternoon, Beichen District Construction and Development Company’s meeting room became a" thinking and governor ", Xiao Guangwen, deputy director of the Party Committee of Nankai University, is a vivid party history and employee representatives. Class, kicked off the prelude of the "Red Boat Spirit into State Enterprise".

  On the stage, Xiao Guangwen voice taught the Chinese Communist Party to the Junior History, revisiting a large historical background of the Chinese Communist Party, and integrating the "Red Boat" core elements in combination with the actual situation of the National Enterprise Party and Reform and Development; The employee is listening to the god, and I will interact with the stage from time to time. Everyone is straightforward, and the opinions are exchanged sincerely. "The ‘Red Boat Spirit" today is the spiritual power required for our state-owned enterprise reform. This great spirit can motivate us to better complete the reform task.

Zhang Yujun, secretary of the Party Committee of Beichen District, said.

  "After listening to the lecture, I understand the connotation of ‘Red Boat’ s Spirit ‘.

I am a party member of the country’s employee, and it should be drifted and given up, dedication to your strength on the post.

Zhang Rui, the employee of Beichen City, said. At the same time, at the new village street of Beichen District, the "New Village Red" Party History Procurement Group was formally established. This leader is composed of retired veteran cadres, college teachers, media hosts, etc. Play the director and carefully prepared a series of wonderful courses such as "the party history in the red film", "the party history story in the classic red song", use the people, and talk about the people, so that the education of party history is more "grounding".

Orchard New Village Street also established the "New Village Red" New Times Civilization Practice Institute with Tianjin Vocational University, established the "Party History and Corruption Propaganda" Volunteer Service Team, deepening the construction of colleges and street community, and launched the party history education. "The whole district will conduct more party history education.

With a good resource of the Martyrs, the Yang Lianshi Martyrs Memorial Hall, organized party members and cadres to visit and learn.

Hold the ‘century Beichen’ theme exhibition, ‘100-year hundred Beichen Celebrity Propaganda Show’, etc. Learn the powerful spiritual power. "Deputy Minister, deputy director of the Population Department of Beichen District, executive deputy director of the Office of the District Party History, Department of Executive Deputy Director.

(Reporter Wang Yin) (Editor: Han Yujun, Cui Xinyao).

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