On December 7th, 2021 and JinBic Tile Skills Development and Technology Innovation Contest The engineering Simulation Innovation Design Competition was successfully concluded in the Xiamen Nanyang University. Li Ming, deputy director of the Bank of Xiamen Jin Brick Innovation Base, Li Ming, Chairman of the Nanyang University of Xiamen, Lu Jueling, the Party Committee of Xiamen Technician, Zhang Jiaxiong, and BRIC SME Development and Technology Innovation Competition Organizing Committee Hou Longqiu, deputy director of the domestic competition, Zhongshigen, deputy general manager of the Xiamen Nanyang University, Wang Qiang, and Wang Weida, the general manager of the simulation, and the leading guests of Wang Weida, etc. This competition is hosted by the BRC, the BRIC, China Skills, the International Union, BRIC Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition, China Invention Association, the Ministry of Education, China and Foreign Exchange Center, BRICM (China) Skill Development Working Group, Simulation Show and other units jointly undertaken. At the closing ceremony, the referee of the contest, the senior engineer of China Special Equipment Testing, Mr. Deng Guide sent video, highly evaluated the contestants and works of this contest, he said: Many excellent works have emerged from the pre-selection. The finals are even more exciting, and people open to see & hellip; this competition provides a high-level exchange showst, playing the role of promoting simulation talent retainer construction and empowering simulation industry.

The engineering simulation and innovation design competition handed over the first transcript 2021 and the introduction and innovation design competition for the development of the SMB Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition. As the first simulation event for the country, it is also the first unlimited software, unlimited subject, The simulation event of the unlimited industry, the official designated technical support station simulation show open online registration channel for more than a month, attracting 308 participating teams, a total of more than 1,000 teachers and students and business engineers registering.

In the end, 124 participating teams finally got to participate in the finals.

During the Scene Place of Xiamen, During the France, the BRIC, the BRIC, China Skills, Handan, and Bikkki Skills Development, International Association, BRIC, Bundess Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition, Dr. Liu Zhenying, Cum Brick Technology Development and Technology Innovation Competition Organizing Committee, Deputy Director, Ms. Hou Longqiu, and Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of the Competition of the Skip Skills Development and Technological Innovation Competition, Mr. Ren Lu Wen, jointly inspected the scene of Xiamen. Dr. Liu Zhenying was especially concerned about this contest. Two consecutive days came to the Xiamen Sai District, with the execution of arbitral political and design contests in this project, and toward Zhao Min and other experts from the Dean of Intelligent Research Institute. During the period, he also listened to the scene. And ask your player.

The Beijing venue opened the line of participating teams. Through the assistance score of the expert review, consolidate the team preliminaries and final results, and finally selection of the undergraduate group, the graduate group, the enterprise group, two, three prizes and excellent awards. At the scene, the leaders of the meeting gave awards for the awards of the awards and took a group photo.

Xiamen Jin Brick Office Li Ming, deputy director of the first prize, awarded the gold medal and honorary certificate Simulation show Wang Qiang General Manager, the second prize winners, the Silver brand and honorary certificate, Xiamen Nanyang University, Vice President Zhong Shifang as the third prize winner The representative issued the bronze medal and the honorary certificate, Wang Bin expert, Yang Xiaolun expert, awarded the honorary certificate and the director of the Honorable Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition, the deputy director of the Competition Organizing Committee, Director, Director of Xiamen Nanyang College and Simulation Show awards And the first prize of the entrepreneurial enterprise group, Hou Longqiu, the leader of Husong Qiu, said that a contest is said: a game is always a victory. I hope that all the contestants can make this competition as your way of opening new path. The starting point, through the competition, find problems, summarizing, strengthening training, learning, and integrating penetration.

Also hope that all institutions, companies can pay more attention to the training of future technical skills, with future technical skills competitions, leading future technical skills professional construction and reform. After five years of development, the BRIC has become a long-term cooperation mechanism that promotes the skills development, technical skills talents of Jin bricks. The first-year engineering simulation and innovative design event in this year, adding a highly enlightened enthusiasm to hand over the first beautiful transcript. As the simulation show of the contestant, we will build a global simulation talent storage pool, and effectively strengthen domestic and foreign simulation cooperation exchanges, and actively prepare for 2022 international simulation competitions. The future technical skill talents are cultivated as their own, and the weather is gathered for the simulation ecology. It is imparted by the simulation industry.

The number of the first project simulation and innovation design is announced to ensure the public official of the contest. The simulation show will use the assessment combined, double-blind score, publicity, and other systems, a total of 154 participating teams passed the qualifiers, and specialized experts in the simulation show. The score and works are publicized, and the final 124 participating teams entered the finals. The following is the final rankings of this competition: Enterprise Group Graduate Group Undergraduate Group Excellent Awards Editor: KJ005.

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