A "book" wrote twenty-seven years – Ji Luji Artillery Air Defense Academy Nanjing Campus Professor Yusheng

  A Sunday, a Sunday, a member of the Nanjing Campus of the Army Artillery Air Defense Academy, and a preamble of a teaching and research section. Since 1994, Eugene participates in the compilation, revised a generation of "Artillery Frames Combat Order", "a book ‘wrote 27 years.


  "The column order, the strip is order.

How to configure the artillery, how to deploy, how to plan the fire, how to command, how to protect … You need to have a standard standard and scientific guidance, which is the significance of making artillery battle. "He explained. In addition to teaching, Essenger will spend a lot of time to collect information on the training spot.

He went to the grassroots officers and soldiers to investigate, after returning to the school, sit in the office, put the artillery tactics for strategic thinking, check, compiled, and then expressed in the language of rigorous science.

  "Artillery tactics change is normal, and it is not normal.

"When I was interviewed, he said," War morphology change, artillery tactics will change; the combat object changes, the tactics of the artillery will change, the system is adjusted, the artillery tactics must change; the new equipment laundering troops, artillery tactics . Only getting the enemy’s feelings, putting my love, put the battle method, in order to win the momentous future war! "" Research that the artillery tactics is very interesting, I like this. " "You Xinsheng said.

  Lessons, with graduate students, especially new students spend a lot of time to collect various artillery performance parameters, various command action data, various types of tactical use characteristics, and another time used to enter the combat troops, participate in actual exercises, verification Differences, try to fight various parameters, arguing forward-looking operational theory. "Suspension! This kind of play is wasting ammunition, but also dragging the battle time, directly affects the rhythm of the attack team …" In June last year, a piece of artillery camp is carrying out the active tactical exercises, and the invitation to guide the exercises Suddenly Stop the drill. "The" enemy "target is a row support point, both armored chariots, and strong bunker, to destroy the goal within the specified time, only alone in single breeding.

It is necessary to realize firepillaise in the specified time. It is necessary to divide the support point zone into a number of sub-targets, and use the guidance to invade the bomb to destroy the bunker, the endensum is hitting the armored car, the child is suppressed, such a multi-breed composite blow is more Reasonable … "Listening to Your New Generation, the Camp command immediately adjusted the war and play, and finally completed the task.

  After the exercise, Qi Xinsheng also gave a tactical class for the commanders of the participation, and the grassroots commanders who were listening have expressed their benefits. In recent years, Qixin-Qixi followed the commanding major of the military official artillery team commanding, and the first-level command training class such as fire damage training, new equipment recovery, and almost study all kinds of tactical elements. "The bench should take a ten-year cold, and the article does not write half of the empty" is an especially the new students, with the graphic of graduate students. He also often uses Lin Junde’s academician "one thing in a lifetime".

  "From the Professor of Youfen, I learned that calm, calm, rigorous, persistent, meticulous, specialized, and felt the simple, firm, pure, ideal beliefs of Communists.

"Youth teacher Yin Yong is both a favorite colleague, but he is in the" Three Mutual "activities in the" Three Mutors "activities.

  Under the well-known help of Youxinheng, Yin Yong actively participated in the teaching and research projects such as the completion of the order, teaching reform, teaching materials, soon he can independently undertake the teaching tasks of the two courses. It was also commended as "teacher model" in 2020. . In recent years, Qixin students have developed "Growth Roadmap" for Yin Yong and other newers, helping them to quickly grow into the college teaching backbone.

A batch of batch growth officers learned artillery tactical fightering in their classrooms. After graduating, I went into the combat forces to use, and became a qualified grassroots. From the 35 years, Essenger gathered. He is responsible for the number of scientific research achievements to receive the military science and technology progress, become a brigade boutique teaching material, excellent textbooks in the whole army; he has been recognized by the former STM military training and military department, the college commends as a good communist party member, excellent instructor; received military college Yucai Award, the military’s excellent professional technical personnel post allowance, many times awards.

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