He Shuheng’s horse lamp is reflected in the thoughts

In the Fujian Gully Ting County Museum, only the hosae of only the metal skeleton was quietly displayed in the glass cabinet, which was 34 cm, width centimeter, a bottom diameter of 14 cm, and the fluid rust was serious, indicating the upper end of the card Write "He Shuheng’s horses". The horse lamp is a lighting tool, just as its owner is general, bringing the light of the revolution that is never extinguished from China. He is one of the founders of the Communist Party of China – He Xiuheng. That was in early 1935, the Central Red Army Long struggled, the Kuomintang army occupied the central Soviet area. In the face of the increasing struggle environment, the CPC Branch decided to withdraw some of the disease, the old and weak leadership comrades from the Soviet area, leaving Hong Kong, and sent to Shanghai to treat. On February 11th, a group of leadership comrades from the Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Qu Qiubai, Deng Zihui, etc., from the vicinity of Jiangxi Ruijin Jiubao.

In mid-February, come to Tangwu Village, Siupu Township, Fujian Provincial Party Committee, and took a short break.

On the 21st, the Fujian Provincial Security Bureau organized the departure departure. Since the white horror is covered with every village, they can only hide in the deep jungle during the day, and they touched the black march at night. At that time, the climate was cold. He Uncle Headeng is weak and heights.

The comrades lit up the only horse lamp of this team, and the uncle is light, let everyone follow him.

In the early morning of the 24th, everyone has conducted four rickets for four consecutive training, and took the rain through Tingjiang, and came to Xiaoyu Village, Haokou Township (now Meiyi Village, Tamada).

At this time, everyone is exhausted, hungry and cold.

So I decided to cook my rice in this remote mountain village and a little rest, but the smoke of these cooking is the target, which leads to a camp of the Kuomintang Security Mission Zhong Shaowi. The gaps are in the middle of the gods, surrounded by the Red Army Security Team.

The Red Army’s escort team rushes to fight, and hurriedly covers the retreat to the back mountain.

Since the enemy is surrounded by the enemy, the Red Army defenders have been casually injured, so everyone decides to spread the breakthrough, and to Yongding to find Zhang Dingyi’s forces. He Shu Heng said: "Sub, you will go, I can’t walk, I can’t drag everyone, you will go, I will run the last drop for the Soviet blood.

"Said, he raised his pistol to align his head. Deng Zi resumes his hand fast, and he took a pistol and hug him and said," Don’t do this, anyway, we will protect you. "He Xiuheng nodded helplessly.

Two defenders continued to walk with him. When they walked to a cliff, He Xiu Heng did not prepare for a slap, and raised the horse lamp and jumped down the cliff.

The sound of the branches, causing the gap to rush down the cliff.

He Xiu Heng is separated from the tiger with his body.

He Shuheng jumped under the cliff injury coma near a paddy field. After the battle, the enemy found the serious injury when cleaning the battlefield, and several groups of gangsheng gave them to Hong Kong, Shanghai to treat them to Hong Kong and Shanghai. At this time, He Shuheng woke up, he didn’t fear the end of the whole body to hug the enemy’s thigh … "Bull!" Two sinful bullets shot into his chest. A great proletarian revolutionary fell, and he realized his vows with life – "For the Soviet, the last drop of blood".

Mao Zedong highly evaluated his revolutionary spirit and work ability, saying: "Uncle, but the overall situation." (Editor: Chen Qiunan, Zhao) sharing let more people see.

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