Expert: The first domestic aircraft carrier is expected to serve in the battle of a double aircraft carrier this year.

People’s Network Beijing January 13th (芈 金 陈云龙) According to the Global Network, I invoked Hong Kong media reports that China’s first domestic aircraft carrier returned to Dalian Shipyard Terminal on January 8, completed the fourth sea trial mission.

When the military expert said in an interview with the People’s Network, the first domestic aircraft carrier is expected to deliver the use of the Navy, and the double aircraft carrier can be formed. According to reports, when the domestic aircraft carrier ends the sea test, a 歼 -15 electronic fighter and an equivalent model of a straight-18-18 -1-fire machine and a straight-18 carrier helicopter are parked on the deck and the ship islared. Comparison with the photo before the sea before the sea, it can be found that the position of the two model machine changes, it is likely to be a carrier tester for the deck during the sea trial.

Li Jie introduced that the domestic aircraft carrier conducted the contact of the carrier board, and the trial of these basic combat movements, indicating that the research and development work has entered the final sprint phase.

After the domestic aircraft carrier is delivered, our navy can form a double aircraft carrier battle group.

However, in the case of only two aircraft carrier, it is not possible to deploy to the specific location, and we should play a double aircraft carrier’s advantage, and focus on protecting a direction of national defense safety. Normal rotation can be achieved after at least 3 aircraft carrier. The first domestic aircraft carrier is completely designed and manufactured by my country, started in November 2013, and built in the dock in March 2015, and water on April 26, 2017. From May 13 to 18, 2018, the first domestic aircraft carrier completed the first trial mission to return to Hong Kong, on August 26, the domestic aircraft carrier went to the relevant sea trial, and Once on October 28, the third sea test was conducted. Li Jie said that from 2012, my country’s aircraft carrier insisted on the autonomous research and development of self-reliance and innovation.

Comparing the history of the aircraft carrier in the US and Western countries, Chinese aircraft carriers independent research and development work, but the acceleration of development is fast. With such a strength, I believe in the near future, the domestic aircraft carrier will also break through the more advanced technology such as electronic ejection, nuclear power. When I talked about when the domestic aircraft carrier delivered the Navy, Military expert Cao Weidong said in an interview with the People’s Network earlier. The first domestic aircraft carrier is expected to deliver the Navy. (Editor: Huang Zijuan, Yuan Bo) Sharing let more people see.

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