Ma’anshan Cihu High -tech Zone grasped the waterway epidemic prevention and control work

At present, the epidemic prevention and control is still in the tackling stage of "external prevention input and internal prevention and rebound". Ma’anshan Cihu High -tech Zone strictly implements the municipal epidemic defense office and transportation departments on the prevention requirements and measures and measures of the port terminal and water transportation. Da Shui Road’s epidemic control and control, resolutely block the spread of the epidemic from the waterway. Strictly grasp the prevention measures of key areas to implement the office area of ??the port unit. Supervise the port units to implement a mask, sweep the "two yards", and register the temperature. Daily regularly consumed anti -virus in the public areas, prepare for epidemic prevention materials, set up a stay observation room, the unit commute vehicle daily disinfection, and timely report to the medium high period in each period of time. In the risk area (return) information. Pay close attention to the port of the port.

In accordance with the requirements of the Hong Kong Airlines Management Center’s "Urgent Notice on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of the New Crown Pneumoniae Epidemic Extraction" in the water transportation industry, the units urge all units to grasp the information on the trace of nesting on Hong Kong ships in advance, and strictly implement the "unnecessary to be ashore by operating ships in Hong Kong. It is not necessary to go on the ship. "It strengthened the management of ship crews to enter the Hong Kong closed -loop management, strictly implemented the process of regulatory processes of goods operations, and timely eliminated anti -virus in the operation area and facilities and equipment.

The traffic control control control control of the traffic shipment is set up on the Cihu High -tech section of the Yangtze River Coast Line to set up two traffic prevention points to prevent the prevention and control of the traffic offset. Division of 5 transportation vessel operations, signed the "Citizens Course Prevention and Controlling Notes for Transportation Palace Epidemic" with traffic vessels, stipulating that traffic vessels are responsible for distribution of crew members’ living materials and operation areas and time, urging traffic crew to implement nucleic acid prevention and epidemic prevention per day measure.

Master the dynamic information of traffic ships in a timely manner, and inspect and supervise the return time of traffic ships every day. Strengthening the prevention and control of the outbreak of crew in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Traffic and Transportation Bureau ’s“ Maoshan Port Inland Cake Change Working Plan ”, strictly implement closed -loop management measures such as the Zhongchang Burning Power Station crew to be shown ashore and the point -to -point car connection. To do a good job in the protection of the crew’s ashore, in order to ensure the needs of the crew, the high -tech zone arranges a fixed transportation ship to send the medical crew to go ashore, and implement the "two yards" to the district marketing bureau to check the medical crew. Ship crews carry out epidemic prevention measures such as body temperature measurement and "two yards", and keep in touch with the ashore medical crew to master their schedule.

Since this round of epidemic, a total of 4 people went ashore for medical treatment.

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