Is the blood pressure gauge in the family "Suddenly High and Low"?

  In clinical clinical cases, this situation is often encountered: when a patient with high blood pressure is retracted, the blood pressure meter at home is not allowed to measure the blood pressure at the blood pressure. When I go out, I test it 130/70mmHg, and the test at the hospital is 140/80mmHg. Is it impossible for the patient’s home blood pressure meter? First of all, we must understand our blood pressure characteristics.

  Regardless of whether there are hypertension, blood pressure fluctuates in the day. Most people have two peaks of blood pressure. The first one appears at about 5 to 8 am, which is the highest blood pressure period of the day; The peak appeared at around 4 to 6 in the evening, slightly lower than the morning peak, and the blood pressure at other times was lower than the above -mentioned period, and the minimum at night was reached. This law was in line with the endocrine hormone secretion in the body. Nervous rest, vagus nerves are active, and blood pressure is low.

Therefore, the normal day and night difference between the blood pressure in the day is 10%-20%. If the difference between day and night is less than 10%, greater than 20%, or low and night, it is not good, which is also a risk factor for atherosclerosis. Perhaps most of the patients have such questions: we have high blood pressure, even if it reaches 160/100mmHg, there is no response. Why should we treat hypertension? As we said earlier, abnormal hypertension or blood pressure curve is a factor for the promotion of atherosclerosis, and atherosclerosis can cause coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke of deadly diseases. Therefore, hypertension must be treated.

  The treatment method is first non -drug treatment, that is, the treatment of sexual lifestyle intervention, including: smoking quitting, alcohol limit, salt restriction, regular exercise, weight loss and other healthy lifestyles.

Through such control, some patients can control blood pressure at the ideal level without taking medicine; some patients need to apply drug treatment based on this. No matter which drug is taken, blood pressure must be controlled below the target value.

  Elderly hypertension has its unique characteristics: 1. The blood pressure is mainly based on increased contraction pressure, and the diastolic pressure is not high or even low. We call it a high blood pressure with high contraction pressure. 2. The blood pressure curve is abnormal: the blood pressure fluctuations are large, and the peak of the shrinkage of the shrinkage can reach 180mmHg in the day, and the low time is as low as 110mmHg or even lower. Drugs should be monitored closely, and the treatment plan should be adjusted at any time according to blood pressure.

  3. Positioning hypotension: Due to poor physical regulation function, the difference in systolic blood pressure after changes is 20mmHg or more. This change is called orthopedic hypotension.

Due to the rapid changes in blood pressure, it can cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, dizziness and even falling.

  4. Many factors affecting blood pressure: such as insomnia, after activity, medication time, etc. can cause blood pressure fluctuations; drugs taken due to mental dysfunction, coronary heart disease, prostate hyperplasia and other diseases can reduce blood pressure; Diseases such as diseases or prolifiers, renal anemia and other drugs such as analgesic drugs, glucocorticoids, and erythellin can increase blood pressure. Therefore, it is important to monitor blood pressure. If necessary, you should go to the hospital for consultation and adjust the treatment plan.

  5. In addition, there are white coat hypertension.

Special refers to the high blood pressure at the hospital, and the self -testing of blood pressure is not bad; there is no high blood pressure during the day, and the blood pressure at night is increased, which is the anti -rigid blood pressure curve. This part of the patient is easily missed.

Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize home self -testing of blood pressure and make a record for doctors for reference.

  Whether it is an electronic sphygmomanometer or a medical sphygmomanometer, we have discovered that several times of blood pressure measurement will be different, especially in patients with uneven rhythm. The correct method is to take a rest for at least 15 minutes to measure the blood pressure. The interval is 5 minutes to ensure accurate blood pressure measurement. The measuring posture is also very important. The recommendation of the side, the blood pressure of the upper arm on the right, and the upper arm are basically the same as the heart.

It is recommended that the brand electronic blood pressure meter, it is best to measure the upper arm, and replace the battery regularly. If the blood pressure meter is suspected, it can be compared with the medical sphygmomanometer during the consultation.

  If you say so much, you want to tell everyone that the fluctuation of blood pressure is normal, and the blood pressure meter is relatively accurate.

If there are a variety of diseases and medication, you must also monitor the changes in blood pressure. Try to use the "one arrow and double carving" drugs to reduce the type of drug application, reduce drug interaction, and improve the overall prognosis. Text/Liu Qi (Beijing Tongren Hospital).

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