Honorary awards and professional titles "direct redemption" and "high -precision lack" can be "jumped"

The appraisal and review work of the outstanding young talents in Sichuan Province in 2022 will be launched on April 1st.

For the first time, Sichuan Province has opened a green channel for the high -level titles of outstanding young talents. Those who meet the conditions do not require the municipal (state) human -social department or the provincial authorities to review and recommend it.

During the review, not only the honor and awards of the applicants can be directly appraised by the job title, but the "high -precision lack" skill talents can also be promoted to "jump".

In November 2021, Sichuan issued the "Sichuan Provincial High -skilled Talent and Professional and Technical Talents Professional Development Implementation Plan" and "Sichuan Province Outstanding Young Talent Senior Talent Review Green Channel Administrative Measures (Interim)" The boundary, solve the problem of "single wooden bridges" and "ceiling" in the professional development of technical and skills talents. At the same time, it is clear that high -skilled talents under 40 years of age only need to meet the title of talent commendation awards and talent planning of talents at the provincial and ministerial level and above. And work performance, ability, level and contribution, etc., meet the requirements of the province’s corresponding series (professional) senior professional title, you can apply for the evaluation, not subject to the conditions such as academic qualifications, qualifications, and professional titles.

It is reported that the Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department will set up a green channel service window at the provincial expert service center to provide "one -stop" services in the high -level professional title review twice a year, and simplify the application materials and application links. The review pays more attention to occupational ability and work performance. In the class skill competition, the top 5 (top 3 of the two -person competition and the top 2 three -person items) can directly correspond to the appraisal intermediate and higher titles, and do not need to be promoted step by step.

"This is a major favorable policy for skilled talents.

"The person in charge of the relevant departments of the Sichuan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions said that different evaluation systems have caused a gap between the treatment of technical talents and skill talents to a certain extent. In the past, the surveys showed that front -line employees have always had high expectations for participating in professional title review." Highly -skilled talents have a broader development space, creating a good social atmosphere for the cultivation of high -skilled talents.


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